Saturday, 30 July 2011

James At The Clinic – Part 2

Nurse Deerborn escorted James back down the busy corridor. More than ever James was aware of the embarrassingly short gown that he had been made to change into and he remained puzzled as to exactly why he’d had to change out of his street clothes in the first place. Up until that point he’d thought he was coming to the clinic with Lori simply to have a talk with Dr Wang about the recent problems he’d been experiencing with his penis. He was sure Lori must have thought the same, otherwise she’d have said something… wouldn’t she?

“In here, James,” Nurse Deerborn ushered James through a door and into a small room containing nothing more than sets of scales for measuring weight and height. There was also a desk in the room and next to the desk… “You remember Tiffany, don’t you James…”

How could James forget Tiffany? It was Tiffany who had, at his physical, taken measurements of his penis… both flaccid and erect. It was Tiffany who had watched as he was made to masturbate in the X-Ray Lab… Yes James remembered Tiffany, how could he possibly forget?

“Tiffany is going to join us this afternoon and act as my assistant.”

James gulped as he wondered how Tiffany would be assisting Nurse Deerborn this time. “Hi Tiffany…” he said trying to sound casual with his big meaty penis hanging below the hem of his gown.

“Let’s get started… We need to measure James’ height and weight Tiffany,” Nurse Deerborn said as she consulted her clipboard. She turned towards James, “I doubt there’ll be any difference since your last visit, James, but we have to follow procedure…”

“Tiffany would you help James out of his gown…”

Before James had chance to say anything Tiffany had stepped behind him and had started to undo the ties. The gown flopped forwards from his shoulders and James saw that his penis and testicles were all but hidden behind the loose folds of thin cotton. Tiffany came round to face James and reached up to grip the top of the gown and in doing so almost pressed herself against him, which James found unnerving as he was finding it difficult to control the mild tumescence he was already feeling in his penis.

Tiffany tugged at the junior gown and it slipped easily from James’s smooth swimmer’s body. Feeling as self-conscious as ever he let Tiffany take his hand and guide him over to the wall scale to measure his height.

“Stand with your back against the wall please James,” Tiffany directed him, “Just here… that’s right. Now head up, back straight.”

James did as he was told and looked intently at the wall across the room as he tried to avoid looking at either Tiffany or Nurse Deerborn. Tiffany got up onto a low stool to give herself enough height to operate the sliding scale so that she could measure how tall James was.

“Six foot… err, six foot one inch, exactly,” Tiffany called out.

James stayed put with his back against the wall and wondered why he was having to go through all this again. Surely the measurements can’t have changed since his last visit?

“Good… Okay, now weight please Tiffany,” Nurse Deerborn said as she consulted her clipboard and James was led over to the scales.

It was no surprise for James to be told that his weight was precisely the same as it had been when he came for his physical. Now what? he thought.

“Okay, James, next we need to take you over to kinesiology for an ETT,” Nurse Deerborn announced, “Tiffany, can you bring James’ gown?”

James watched as Tiffany calmly picked up the flimsy gown. What was it with these people, James wondered, why didn’t they spare a thought for his feelings? What was the point of giving me a gown, if they were just going to take it away again? They might just as well not have bothered giving me one for all the use it’s been… what was the point, it hardly covers anything. I bet Nurse Deerborn arranged it so I ended up with a junior-sized gown, James thought, with uncharacteristic perception. He swore he’d…

James was suddenly snapped out of his thoughts by the entry of a nurse he’d not seen before. She stopped in her tracks when she saw James and his giant penis.

Nurse Deerborn looked up from her clipboard, “Yes Michelle…?”

“Oh… I …” Michelle paused and shook her head, then looked back at the big penis, “I err… wow… it really is that big… Sorry Barbara… I…” With difficulty Michelle drew her eyes away from James to deliver her message, “… Dr Wang is ready to see James, so would you bring him along now…”

“But we haven’t quite finished…” Nurse Deerborn started to say.

“Oh, that’s okay. Dr Wang said we can finish those later when the… I mean, it’d be good for the… err… thing.”

James saw the nurses exchange meaningful glances. It was obvious, even to James, that something was being kept from him. What did Michelle mean… the ‘thing’? The ‘thing’ what?

“Better get James dressed again…” Nurse Deerborn said to Tiffany.

James couldn’t believe his ears, until he saw Tiffany hold up the flimsy junior gown for him to put on and realised Nurse Deerborn’s  idea of ‘dressed’ was somewhat different to his own.

Still, anything was better than nothing, he told himself, and if he was going to be expected to walk back down the busy corridor, then yes, a junior gown was definitely better than nothing at all!

Michelle stood and watched as Tiffany held out the small gown. James raised his arms up and Tiffany slid the gown onto him. She stepped behind James and in doing so Michelle saw how ill-fitting the robe was. As she caught sight of James’ enormous penis exposed beneath the hem of the gown, Michelle was forced to stifle a giggle. She very nearly did burst out laughing when she saw what happened when Tiffany pulled hard on the tapes to tie the gown in place; even more of James’ penis became visible as the hem was jerked sharply upwards.

Nurse Deerborn coughed a warning in Michelle’s direction. Funny as the sight of James was in his ill-fitting gown, nurses were supposed to have a sense of decorum…

It was a long walk to Dr Wang’s office. Back past the reception desk, on past various rooms that bristled with equipment. At every turn James’ escort of nurses seemed to run into colleagues who needed to ask urgent questions, but who didn’t appear to listen to the replies as they were too busy looking at the big fat snake-like object protruding from James’ gown. James could almost hear them saying to themselves, ‘so it’s true then… my god it must be at least… look how thick it is…’

Eventually they arrived outside the office. Even though the door was open Nurse Deerborn leant forward and knocked. James could see Dr Wang as she took a folder out of a filing-cabinet and asked them all into her office. Lori was already there with Dr Wang and appeared to be looking at something behind the door which James couldn’t see.

Lori looked at James and smiled encouragement. James felt his usual nervous self as he walked into the office. Seeing Dr Wang with Lori was one thing, but having Nurse Deerborn, Tiffany and Michelle in the room as well, was not James’ idea of fun.

James thought he’d agreed to a few private words with Dr Wang, with Lori along to hold his hand. His visit had rapidly turned into something altogether different. First he was told by Rachel he’d been booked in for ‘the full works’, next Nurse Deerborn told him to undress and had given him this ridiculously small gown to wear, then Tiffany had appeared, seemingly brought in to reprise her role as chief measurer and now Michelle, on her errand, had attached herself to the group… Group, James thought, group… no, this wasn’t a group… this was a circus!

“Come in, come in,” Dr Wang waved James in through the door, “I see they’ve found you a gown this time, James… very smart…”

“… bit of a mix-up I’m afraid doctor,” Nurse Deerborn explained, “I asked Carol to make sure and leave me a gown for James to wear this afternoon, but it seems she thought I was going to be examining one of the junior swimmers who couldn’t make this morning’s session. I’m sorry about that doctor…”

“Oh, no need to apologise, nurse,” Dr Wang replied, “you’re forgetting how James likes to spend his leisure time…”

“Of course! How silly of me… I’d quite forgotten that James is a nudist. I wondered why he didn’t simply refuse to go on any further with the appointment when we couldn’t supply the correct size gown…”

“Yes nurse, the policy with regard to maintaining patient dignity is very strict and quite specific. James would have been well within his rights to demand another appointment if he felt in any way demeaned by being offered such an ill-fitting item of apparel.”

James looked from Dr Wang to Nurse Deerborn and back again as he listened aghast to their conversation. You mean… he thought… you’re telling me… I could have put a stop to this… why didn’t anyone tell me?!

Michelle stepped forward to close the door of Dr Wang’s office and James saw the group of cadet nurses who would be observing the proceedings. It would be difficult to say who was the most shocked, James, or the group of young girls who saw for the first time what working at the clinic might involve. There were undisguised gasps of astonishment from the cadets as their eyes were drawn to the sight of James’ remarkable appendage visible below his gown, followed quickly by silence as they were admonished by Dr Wang:

“James is not here for your amusement girls. May I remind you that you are here in the clinic by my invitation. I would also remind you that your presence at this consultation is due to the kind permission of James who has volunteered his…”

James nearly toppled over. His mouth fell open as he swivelled his head to look at Dr Wang, then Lori, then back to Dr Wang again. What was she on about, James screamed to himself… what? Me? I didn’t…

“I’m sorry James, was there something?” Dr Wang asked when she saw how agitated he’d become. She turned to Nurse Deerborn , “The paperwork’s all in order isn’t it?”

“Why certainly, doctor. The permissions have all been signed in accordance with the clinic directives…”

James spoke at last, “But… but I don’t understand… I… I… didn’t sign…”

“Honey… I thought you wouldn’t mind…”

James looked at his girlfriend, “Lori…?”

“Dr Wang asked me if you would help out…” Lori explained, “I knew it’d be okay with you... being a nudist and all that… so I signed the papers for you… you don’t  mind if these girls stay and watch, do you honey?”

“It really would be very useful James,” Dr Wang added, “It’s not very often we have a healthy young adult male of your age willing to undress for an examination in front of our young cadet nurses…”

Once more, James knew there was no way out for him…

“Sure… that’s okay… it’s, err, just that I didn’t understand about the papers… being signed an’ all… I mean…” James said rather lamely and blushed some more as he turned and looked at the smiling faces of thee young girls eagerly waiting…

“Good,” said Dr Wang smiling, “then we can make a start.” She turned to address the young cadets. “Now first of all we need to find out why James is here… why has he attended for consultation?” Dr Wang turned to James again, “Okay James, would you like to tell us all why you’ve come to see me?”

“Um… it’s err…” James couldn’t bring himself to say anything in front of the girls. Cadet nurses or not, to James they were young girls, two or more years younger than he was.

“James, it’s quite alright. I know it’s a rather personal problem, perhaps something you think our cadet nurses are too young to know about. But you mustn’t try to shield them. They are here to learn all about the sort of medical procedures we conduct here at the clinic… so please go ahead and tell the cadets why you’ve asked for this consultation…”

James couldn’t understand what was going on… This is madness, he said to himself…  I didn’t ask for this ‘consultation’… all I wanted was a private talk with Dr Wang and Lori… Why me…? What have I done to deserve this…?

James’ eyes took in the girl cadet nurses, then Tiffany, Michelle, Dr Wang, Nurse Deerborn and finally Lori. A room full of women and there he was wearing nothing other than a flimsy gown that wasn’t even long enough to hide his… I didn’t ask for this consultation, he said to himself again… but he knew it was no use complaining, he'd only be reminded of his so-called nudist lifestyle… and to that James could make no reply... not if he wanted Lori to remain his girlfriend...

Blushing fire-red, James finally managed to blurt out his reply to Dr Wang:

“It’s my penis…”

The girls, who had only dared to take furtive glances at James’ penis since being told off by Dr Wang, had now been given the ideal excuse to stare at the monster hanging below the hem of the junior-sized gown that James was wearing. The girls took their opportunity and James was suddenly aware of the intense gaze of each one of the cadets as they looked towards his member.

“Well, we’d better take a look… Tiffany, would you…” Dr Wang announced and nodded towards James.

Tiffany walked over to James and stood to one side of him, facing forward. She stretched her right arm across James to take hold of the right side of his gown, while at the same time she gripped the left side of the gown with her left hand. She looked rather like a conjuror about to perform an elaborate trick… Now all eyes in the room were fixed on the front of James’ gown.

Tiffany drew the gown slowly upwards. Inch by meaty inch James’ penis was uncovered, leaving the cadet nurses in no doubt how privileged they were to be seeing this gigantic organ. The testicles too, were revealed in all their massive glory as they hung in James’ loose scrotum. Finally, with the gown pulled up to James’ navel, the cadets could see how the swimmer kept himself smooth and totally hairless.

Tiffany held the flimsy gown in place. James held his head straight as he tried to avoid the eyes boring into him… he stared fixedly at a spot on the wall across the room… he tried to think of something, anything to take his mind off what was happening… but, try as he might, he couldn’t alter the feeling that his penis was engorging, thickening, lengthening…

Monday, 25 July 2011

James At The Clinic – Part 1

James’ head was in a whirl. His life didn’t seem to be his own. He’d lost count of how many women had seen him in an involuntary state of undress. Actually nudity was the least of his problems. What was worse, much worse was what was happening to his penis. Ever since the first time he’d tried to explain to his girlfriend Lori that his so-called nudist life-style was all a horrible misunderstanding, James had been suffering from acute, spontaneous erections, which, if unchecked, had been followed by copious emissions of sperm released by some of the most powerful orgasms James had ever experienced.

What was causing this James had no idea. It was his natural desire to find out that had led him to agree to another visit to Dr Wang’s clinic.

Dr Wang, Lori and Kristy knew perfectly well what was causing James his ‘penis problems’, as Dr Wang referred to them.

Following his first visit to the clinic, during which Dr Wang had diagnosed sperm over-production as a causal factor in the enlargement of his testicles, Lori had been put in charge of ensuring James regularly produced sperm samples. In order to ensure good quality samples, Lori was given a new type of soluble Viagra to be administered as needed. Since James had an unusually large penis, Dr Wang concluded that it was not always possible for James to become sufficiently tumescent to enable effective sperm emission.

The Viagra need not been given with James’ knowledge, Dr Wang had explained to Lori. Indeed it was better not to tell James, as she felt the physical advantages could be outweighed by the psychological repercussions on a boy of James’ age if he knew he was being given Viagra because he had a poor quality erection.

However, before the Viagra could be used for its intended purpose Kristy, Lori’s younger sister, decided to see what the effect would be like…

James was astonished and completely bewildered by the power of the near involuntary orgasm and ejaculation which followed Kristy’s mischievous meddling. Remembering what Dr Wang had said, Lori decided it would be a mistake if she were to explain to James what had happened. It wasn’t long before news of James’s ‘penis problem’ reached Dr Wang and it was decided to arrange for James to visit the clinic.

So it was that James and Lori approached the clinic. James was nervous, remembering the embarrassments he had suffered during his previous visit.

Lori took hold of her boyfriend’s hand, “It’ll be alright, honey… Dr Wang will find out what’s happening. Come on now, let’s get you booked in…”

Rachel sat at the receptionist’s desk: “Hi, James… back again? Ah, yes, I’ve got you down for … Dr Wang’s booked you in for the works by the look of it… I wonder why?”

“James is here because he’s having problems with his penis…” Lori volunteered.

“Lori… I…” James mumbled.

“Don’t go all shy on me…” Lori glanced over James’ shoulder, “Hey, it’s Nurse Deerborn. Looks like she’ll be looking after you again today…”

“… but Lori,” James persisted and leant forward to whisper in his girlfriend’s ear, “… I don’t understand… what does Rachel mean about ‘the full works’? I thought we were just coming in to talk to Dr Wang about… about… you know…”

“Relax… everything will be okay. I’m sure Dr Wang knows what she’s doing,” Lori said in an effort to console James, “Now you just go along with Nurse Deerborn and get ready for Dr Wang and I’ll see you in a few minutes…”

It was clear that James was reluctant to follow Nurse Deerborn, but he did as he was told. Meanwhile Rachel noticed that she'd forgotten something.

“Bother... I meant to ask James to sign these consent forms… they’re routine... um, formalities. I’m sure he won’t mind if you sign on his behalf, Lori… just so we’ve got things properly on file…” Rachel said as she passed the forms over to her.

Lori read them and couldn’t suppress a giggle, “Sure, I’ll sign them… and I’m certain James won’t object to providing a sperm sample either… he’s got plenty to spare!”

Meantime Nurse Deerborn had taken James into one of the side-rooms off the main corridor that led away from the reception area. On their way there James had passed a number of nurses, some of whom smiled at him as they recognised him from his previous visit. James blushed. The clinic was clearly very busy.

Once inside the room James was told he would need to undress.

“You made such a fuss about there being no gowns when you were here for your physical,” Nurse Deerborn said, “that I made sure there was one for you to wear for this visit.”

She went over a shelf and picked up a clean folded gown, “There’s just one left. It’s been pretty hectic today, but I made sure the duty nurse put one aside for me.”

She gave the folded gown to James, who on this occasion was allowed to undress behind a screen. The nurse waited in the room as she had been assigned to James and would be escorting him throughout his visit.

“Put your clothes in the basket,” Nurse Deerborn told James, who was now undressing on the other side of the screen.

James wasn’t sure why he had to take his clothes off. He only wanted to talk to Dr Wang and ask about what was, after all, a very personal matter. He understood why Lori had to be there. Like it or not Dr Wang had assigned his girlfriend to milk his sperm. Well, actually James rather liked Lori masturbating him. What he didn’t like was when she milked him with someone else there.

He put his clothes in the basket and pushed it out from behind the screen as the nurse had told him, then he turned and picked up the gown. James, now completely nude, held the little bundle up then let it unfold...

There was something wrong. James twisted the flimsy gown around. Surely there must be more to it than this? He held the gown up to himself. No this wasn’t right…

“Nurse…!” James called out from behind the screen, “Nurse… I think there’s been some sort of mistake… shouldn’t it be… the gown… shouldn’t it be bigger… I mean longer?”

“What do you mean James?” the nurse called back, “They’re all a standard size. Are you trying to put it on back to front? You know these gowns slip on the front and tie-up at the back?”

“Yes I know that… that’s what I’m doing,” James was sounding agitated.

“Well come out from behind the screen and I’ll have a look. I need to help you tie yourself up at the back anyway,” the nurse said.

Gingerly James held the gown to himself and stepped out from behind the screen.

“Oh dear me!” the nurse exclaimed, “You know what’s happened? They’ve gone and left you with a junior size gown! Wait a minute… Oh yes!... I know… There was a group of junior swimmers in this morning for their team physicals. I guess the duty nurse must have thought you were one of them who couldn’t get here on time. That will never do… You stay there James and I’ll… gosh, what am I saying, there aren’t any more gowns.”

Nurse Deerborn looked at James, his sad eyes cast downwards. “I’m sorry James. You haven’t been very lucky when you’ve come to visit us. Turn round and I’ll do up your ties. We’ll just have to make the best of it, won’t we? And I’m sure Dr Wang won’t mind.”

James did as he was told and turned towards the wall and came face-to-face with himself in a full-length mirror. His face fell at the sight before him. There he was dressed in a junior-sized gown which was so short that more than four inches of his massive penis was clearly visible below the hem of the robe. The small gown didn’t reach very far round his body either, which left his back and smooth athletic bottom for all intents and purposes bare.

With difficulty the nurse pulled the tapes and tied them together. As James watched in the mirror, the hem of the gown rose even higher until another three inches of his penis was revealed. The lower halves of his big testicles were also put on show. James had thought that if he got to sit down at some point, at least he might have been able to stretch the gown down far enough to cover himself. Now that seemed an impossibility.

“Well James, before we do anything else we need to take your clothes down to the lockers next to reception. Nurses aren’t allowed to handle visitor’s clothes, so I need you to pick up the basket and follow me…”

As he moved James could feel the tiny gown cutting into his arms. He followed the nurse out into the corridor carrying the basket in front of himself. He soon found that there was no way he could do anything to conceal his exposed penis as his hands were both occupied carrying his clothes. James consoled himself that at least he would soon be in the relative quiet of Dr Wang’s office. He felt his penis bumping on his legs as he returned to the reception.

Lori was still there chatting to Rachel who handed him a key.

“Locker 12… it’s on the top row,” Rachel told James, “Bring me the key back after you’ve put your clothes in… and don’t forget to lock it properly…”

James took the key from Rachel and watched by the three women, reached up and placed his clothes in the locker. As he did so the small gown he was wearing rode up. Aware of what was happening James hurriedly banged the locker door shut and turned the key in the lock. He returned the key to Rachel.

“Your clothes will be safe in the locker until you’re finished with Dr Wang,” Rachel assured James, then added, “We wouldn’t want anyone to steal your clothes, would we…?”

“Err, no… um, thanks…” James replied, flustered at the very thought.

“Come along then…” Nurse Deerborn said, “lets get started James…”

Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Third Letter to David

My dear David,

Your mum tells me that you found my second letter to you even harder to read than the first. Is it because of the way I described you having to stand in front of the full-length mirror with your junior schoolboy underpants pulled right down to your ankles and your school vest pulled all the way up to your arm-pits?

Or was it because I reminded you of the ring on your mum’s door-bell as you stood in the middle of the room, for all intents and purposes bare-nude?

Yes, I’m sure my letter brought back floods of unpleasant memories David, but what can you expect when you’re such a badly behaved and naughty boy?

I can’t imagine what must have gone through your mind as you stood looking at your reflection in the mirror, with your hands up on your head. No wonder you’d rather not be reminded of the awful suspense as your mum left the room to answer the door.

You must have heard your mum talking, but did you know who the visitor was? No? Could you recognise the voice? Maybe you did!

Did you wonder whether the visitor would be invited in? Did you think that whoever it was would be asked to come into the living-room and to see you standing there practically bare-nude? You must have had an overwhelming feeling of dread as you stood, still with hands on head in front of the mirror, as you asked yourself all these questions.

It was just as well I was there to look after you when your mum went to answer the front door David, because I could see you were having enormous difficulty trying to keep still in front of the mirror. I saw your head twisting round, straining to see through the living-room door and into the hall to try and see who it was that had called on your mum. As you turned your finger-tips slipped from your head and I had to speak to you quite sharply to remind you to stand straight, facing the mirror.

I strongly suspect that if I hadn’t been there David, you might have tried to run away and then you would have been very serious trouble… as if you weren’t in enough trouble already! So I think you have me to thank for keeping you standing where your mum had told you to, in front of that full-length mirror with your school vest up and schoolboy underpants down.

The voices in the hall got closer, didn’t they David? Who do you think was with your mum? You knew whoever it was would soon come into the room and then what would they see? They’d see a sixteen-year-old schoolboy dressed in nothing more than his school vest and underpants standing in front of a mirror with his hands on his head. But this schoolboy had had his vest pulled up and his underpants pulled down by his mum, so anyone walking into that room could see…

… well what a surprise! It was my daughter Suzy! Her face was a picture… and don’t tell me you couldn’t see it, because all it took was one glance in the mirror for me to see where your eyes were looking. I’m sure you were mortified to see her and must have been even more tempted than ever to run away.

Suzy quickly put both her hands up to her mouth to stop herself from laughing and her eyes popped out when she saw your penis wobble. I don’t need to tell you that Suzy thought it was hilarious to see you standing there practically naked.

Suzy’s fourteen now, that’s two years younger than you are David, though you wouldn’t think it to see you both together in your mum’s living-room. I’m afraid you looked like a naughty little schoolboy waiting with his hands on his head for his mum to decide what to do with him in order to teach him such a badly needed lesson. And Suzy… well, to be honest David, she looked much more mature than you did at that precise moment in time. It looked as though you were two years younger than Suzy, not two years older!

It seems Suzy had found the note I’d left for her at home. I’d told her that I was going to call round at your mother’s, David, and that if I wasn’t home by , she was to come straight over and fetch me. To be honest, David, I’d quite lost track of time. Watching how your mum was dealing with you, a recalcitrant little schoolboy, was so rewarding I completely forgotten to keep an eye on the time.

Now here it was, gone five, and so Suzy had come round to see why I had been delayed. Suzy and I had a very long talk about things later on, as I’m sure you can imagine. Suzy wanted to know all about how you’d been undressed and then had your underpants pulled down and made to stand in front of the big mirror. Perhaps you could call round and show these letters to Suzy and tell her how you are trying to be a good boy. I’m sure your mum wouldn’t mind if you put on your school uniform for Suzy, after all she didn’t see you wearing it, did she? Your mum had already taken most off it off by the time Suzy arrived.

I think you’ll agree David, that once Suzy got over her initial surprise of seeing you standing with your hands on your head, she proved to be very useful.

Out of politeness, David, I asked your mum whether or not Suzy should be allowed in the living-room while you were being reprimanded and you will recall, I’m sure, your mum was surprised that I even asked!

“Of course Suzy should stay,” I believe her words were David, “Of course she must. It will do her no end of good if she’s shown how to deal with unruly, obstinate boys… David… come over here!”

I would think those last words would be imprinted on your memory of that day for all time, because that’s when you had to turn back round to face us… only this time you had to face my fourteen-year-old daughter as well!

Then you were told to shuffle over to stand in front of us three; your mum, my daughter Suzy and me. And shuffle is what you did, because with your underpants down around your ankles, what else could you do?

Suzy couldn’t help but giggle as she saw you, hobbled by those underpants, desperately trying not to let your penis bounce about, but failing miserably. As you stumbled forward towards your audience, I had to try very hard not to laugh as we all watched your almost hairless penis jiggling between your legs. I could see out of the corner of my eyes that even your mum was straining not to laugh as you struggled to keep your hands on your head.

I almost blushed when Suzy asked why it was that you didn’t have any pubic hair to speak of. My little girl was very matter-of-fact about this and your mum told her that your lack of any proper pubic hair probably explained why your behaviour was so juvenile. Just like a twelve-year-old, I told Suzy. She thought this was very funny and said that if David was twelve, then she, my little Suzy, should be…

… old enough to help us out with David, your mum said.

This took me by surprise, as I’m sure it did you, David and I asked Suzy if she wanted to help your mum. I don’t think you need to be reminded what Suzy said… no, of course not. Suzy agreed to help out straight away.

Since Suzy had drawn our attention to them, I decided to speak to your mum there and then about those ridiculous, straggly hairs at the base of your penis. I don’t think your mum was ready to do anything about them at first, saying they were at least a sign that you were slowly beginning to grow up. She said you had been teased in the school showers by your classmates for not having any pubic hair, so to have any hairs, even a few that you could show them, would at least be something. I agreed with your mum that it had been a long wait for you to get some hairs and that you must feel very proud to have a few at last. However I told her that I still thought they looked as though they could do with tidying up. A light trim would make them look much smarter.

You did look nervous David as we discussed those little hairs of yours and eventually your mum gave in and agreed after Suzy insisted your straggly little hairs looked silly. So despite your mum’s initial reservations, Suzy got her way and was allowed to ‘tidy them up a bit’.

Your mum found a small pair of nail scissors and handed them to Suzy and told her to be careful and just give your hairs a light trim as she didn’t want you coming home in tears because the other boys had been teasing you again for not having any pubic hair.

Suzy took the small scissors and leant forwards, but she soon found that it was difficult to trim those wispy little curls of hair David, because your penis got in the way. You see David, those unkempt little hairs needed to be held straight before they could be suitably trimmed and Suzy didn’t have enough hands to do it properly. It was much more difficult to smarten up those little hairs of yours than it looked!

Never mind, Suzy, being a sensible girl, turned to me and asked me to help. Suzy told me that if I would hold your penis out of the way, she could pull your straggly hairs straight for trimming with her little scissors.

So that’s what we did, wasn’t it? I leant forward next to Suzy and reached out to pinch your foreskin between my thumb and forefinger. I pulled your penis to the right and Suzy was then able to start clipping the hairs on the left side at the base of your penis.

Unfortunately at that point, just when Suzy was starting to tidy your little hairs, you flinched as you felt me touch the red smack-marks left by your mum earlier. Were they still tender David? I was only trying to steady myself while I held your penis, but the next thing anyone knew, Suzy was holding up most of those little hairs from the left-hand side of your penis between fingers! When you flinched and jerked forward Suzy’s scissors slipped and she clipped off more of your straggly hairs than she intended. In fact she snipped them right off!

I’m afraid you only had yourself to blame David, if you hadn’t jumped like that, Suzy wouldn’t have clipped your hairs quite so short. So it was no use making that scene when you realised what had happened. You jerked back and tried to pull your penis out of my hand, didn’t you? Well, I held tightly onto your foreskin and just as well I did, because you put up quite a struggle and even took down your hands from your head!

But you did look so funny when you pulled back with your foreskin stretched right out and your penis pulled forwards. Coupled with the sight of one side of your penis with some untidy little hairs growing and the other with virtually none where Suzy had slipped with her scissors, I think even you would agree you looked rather silly!

As I said to your mum, it was unfortunate but there was only one thing for it, but to trim all your little hairs right off. I think she was a bit reluctant, but in the end she agreed that we couldn’t leave you looking as your were, so Suzy was told to finish trimming the side she’d started and to carry on and clip the other side right off too.

I was still holding onto your foreskin and pulling your penis from side-to-side so that your mum could see that I was right and that Suzy should finish clipping all your little hairs right off.

I think that by the time you come to read this, your hands will be shaking and your palms sweating. Am I right David? Yes… well I hope you’re ready because I’m going to tell you what happened next. This must have been the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you… do you agree David? I’m sure you do, because in front of me, in front of your mum and in front of my daughter, fourteen-year-old Suzy, you had an erection.

Yes David, you lost your self-control and had an erection right in front of us all.

When I let go of your penis it sprang up leaving us in no doubt what had happened. I don’t know who was most shocked. Suzy sat there and gawped at your stiff penis, which was pointing straight up so as to leave your testicles completely exposed. Your mum was shocked into silence for a moment and then started to apologise profusely for your loss of self-control. I, who had been holding tightly onto your penis, at least was prepared for the shock as I had sensed you were getting flustered as I manipulated your penis. But I don’t think that any of us was prepared for what happened next…

As you stood there with your hands still clutched together on top of your head, bubbles of clear sticky liquid appeared between the folds of pink flesh at the top of your foreskin. You were dribbling pre-ejaculate…

Your mum lost her temper and jumped up as a pearl-sized drop of the liquid trickled down the length of your penis. She jumped up and grabbed you by the ear and you twisted your head as she hauled you round to march you back towards the mirror. Your feet must have got caught in your underpants because the next thing we knew you were sprawled out on the floor.

I’m afraid your mum must have thought you were being wilfully disobedient and simply tugged on your ear to pull you back up. Ouch! That must have hurt David, but what did you expect?

You managed to scrabble back to your feet and I glanced sideways to look at Suzy who was still gasping with astonishment at the sight of a sixteen-year-old schoolboy being taken to task by his mum. It must have been a real eye-opener to my daughter to see you so disgraced.

I could see your mum wasn’t through with you though, not by a long chalk and once she’d hauled you back to your feet she turned to Suzy and told her to finish clipping your little hairs… and she was to be sure and snip them all off, right off!

I’m afraid that by this time you were snivelling and begging your mum not to let Suzy cut off your hairs… You were a sorry sight David. Your nose was running again and I could see a single salty tear roll from your left eye down over your cheek.

I took hold of your penis once more. Even though you were fully erect your foreskin was still covering the head of your penis and so I took hold of your penis just below the glans, at the top of the slim shaft. I squeezed tightly and pulled it to one side so that Suzy could finish snipping off your little hairs. As I moved your penis, the foreskin slipped down. The glans was exposed and it glistened with your pre-ejaculate as some more bubbled up. My fingers got a bit slippery and so I had to squeeze more tightly on your penis to keep it in place and even more pre-ejaculate oozed out, didn’t it David?

Meanwhile Suzy snipped away with her little scissors and soon had all the remaining straggly hairs cut off from that side of your penis.

Once that side was finished, I pulled your erect penis to the other side to allow Suzy to snip the hairs from that side. Your penis was getting even more slippery and my fingers were sticky with all the pre-ejaculate you were making David, so I took hold of your penis at its base with my other hand while I pulled your foreskin back over the head of your penis. I know that the tip of a boy’s penis becomes very sensitive when he has an erection like you had David and that covering up the sensitive head with the boy’s foreskin can help keep him from getting over-excited.

Unfortunately your foreskin kept slipping back and exposing the head of your penis David. Each time I pulled your foreskin up over the head of your penis, the skin simply rolled back again. Try as I might, I couldn’t get your foreskin to stay covering the head of your penis.

I had both my hands holding your penis as Suzy set to work with her little scissors on the unkempt hairs to the right of your penis and she soon had them all snipped off. It was just as well, because you were dribbling quite a lot of pre-ejaculate, weren’t you David? It was trickling down the shaft of your penis and some of it was oozing over my fingers.

Then all of a sudden your penis jerked and slipped from my sticky fingers. What happened then David? What happened when your stiff penis jerked from my grasp? David, I hope you are reading this very carefully and I hope you still feel ashamed with yourself for what happened next…

When your stiff penis slipped from between my fingers it bounced and slapped against your tummy. Your foreskin was drawn right back exposing the highly sensitive tip of your penis and when it hit your tummy you ejaculated. You stumbled backwards and, with your feet caught up in your underpants, you lost your balance and ended up sprawled on the living-room floor at our feet.

You continued to ejaculate David… ejaculating in your mom’s living-room in front of Suzy, your mom and me.

You sprayed your mess everywhere! You completely lost your self-control David. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. Your mother was horrified. Heaven knows what young Suzy thought seeing all that white stuff squirting out from your penis. The pulses of ejaculate seemed to go on forever… I thought you’d never stop!

By the time you’d finished ejaculating David, you’d managed to cover yourself with your boy’s sperm. It was running down your chest and you’d even managed to get some of it up on your chin. You really let yourself down badly David. I’d have thought a boy of sixteen would’ve been able to control himself better than that… but then you haven’t been acting like a boy of sixteen and you certainly don’t look like one now, so I don’t suppose it should be any surprise that you don’t behave like one either.

Well David, I think on that rather sad note I’d better end this letter, but as you know, things weren’t quite finished, were they?

As ever, with concern and affection,
Stephanie & Suzy!

The Second Letter to David

In her second letter Stephanie continues to remind David of what she saw when she made a spur-of-the-moment visit to the boy’s mother. Stephanie had been taken aback by what she saw and decided it would be beneficial for the boy to have a permanent reminder of how he was dealt with as a result of his unacceptable behaviour. No thought was given to David’s feelings and he was treated by his mother in just the same manner as he would have been had Stephanie not been sitting next to her.

Events had been embarrassing enough for David, as described in Stephanie’s first letter, and now in her second letter Stephanie was about to remind David how things got a whole lot worse…

My dear David (the letter began),

I’m sorry to hear that you found my previous letter so upsetting, but you must learn to accept the consequences of your actions. It is only by being reminded of what happens when your mother has to take you to task can you learn how to behave responsibly. You are sixteen-years-old David. It is time you acted your age and until such time that you do, I agree with your mother that you should continue to be treated like a twelve-year-old.

Your mother and I are in full agreement that writing these letters will help to persuade you to mend your ways. If you decide not to mend your ways David, then I strongly suggest you read these letters to remind yourself what happens to naughty boys when they don’t.

To return to events of that afternoon when I saw what happened to you in your mum’s living-room:

I’m sure you remember how you stood in front of us David with your shirt tails up and your trousers down while your mum and I sipped our tea and discussed your behaviour. Your ears must have burnt when your mum told me the sort of things you’d been getting up to behind her back, thinking you could get away them. Really David it’s just the sort of silly behaviour you’d expect from a twelve-year-old … but then you did look just like a twelve-year-old as you stood in front of us with your short school trousers crumpled around your ankles and your hands on your head. I don’t suppose I need to remind you that’s where your hands stayed while your mum and I drank our tea, since naughty boys don’t deserve tea, unless… but I don’t want to get ahead of myself. I’ll discuss your special tea later in its proper place.

While I drank my tea and nibbled a biscuit, it gave me a wonderful opportunity to savour the state of your déshabille. What was most noticeable, now that mum had taken down your little grey short trousers and pulled up your grey school shirt, was your white school regulation underwear. As I said before David, it became increasingly difficult for me to take you seriously as a sixteen-year-old. After all what boy of that age would wear underpants and vest so obviously bought for him at the School Outfitters?

I’ve no doubt that you had to be measured specially for your school vest and underpants by the young lady assistant at the outfitters. I doubt whether she would see many sixteen-year-old boys coming in with their mums and asking for white cotton underwear. As you know, normally school underwear is only worn by much younger, junior boys. By the way, just in case you’re in any doubt David, your mum has told me that she doesn’t allow you to wear any other styles of underwear to school. In fact the only underwear you possess are your school uniform white vests and underpants! David, it really is laughable to think that a sixteen-year-old boy is only ever allowed to wear junior boy’s school underwear.

Be that as it may, I must say that your school vest and underpants certainly look very smart on you. The fact that your legs and thighs are so smooth complements the white uniform underpants. I noticed the legs of the underpants are cut nice and high, which means, doesn’t it David, that you can wear the shortest of short grey trousers to school. I gather from your mum that the School Outfitter has been asked on more than one occasion to raise the hem of your short trousers. It must have been deeply embarrassing to stand still at the outfitters while you were being measured by the helpful young lady assistant for yet another pair of thigh-baring short school trousers. I can well imagine mum and the outfitter discussing just how short your trousers could be and the relative merits of keeping teenaged boys bare-legged.

Your mum also tells me that winter or summer, she likes you to be smartly turned out in your school uniform, which of course means it’s bare legs no matter what the weather. It must have been rather nippy for you during last Autumn Term, when we had all those biting gales and driving rain. If that wasn’t enough, I’m told you had to walk to school when it snowed later that school term. Tramping through all that snow in short trousers must have been a bit chilly. I’m sure a few snowballs must have landed on your bare legs as well… but I digress…

I loved the way your mum had hoisted up your shirt-tails David. By pulling them up at the back and pushing them into your shirt collar she had completely exposed your school uniform underwear. I noticed that you’d been told to tuck your white school vest neatly into the elastic waistband of your underpants and very smart it looked too. Of course having your shirt hoisted up like that meant that I got a good view of your boy-bulge. Yes, David, you know what I’m talking about, the bulge your penis and testicles make in the front of your school uniform underpants. While I’m sure mum is quite used to seeing your boy-bulge, it was the first time I’d seen it and I was very impressed David. However, it was easy to see that you were very embarrassed about having such a noticeable boy-bulge. The minute you saw me looking at the front of your school underpants you blushed a deeper red than the smack-marks that were still visible on your legs.

What you have to remember David is that when you’re wearing thin cotton school uniform underpants, your boy-bulge is very obvious and well-defined to anyone who sees it. This meant David that I could see the outline of both your penis and your testicles… but I’m sure you knew that, didn’t you?

Your boy-bulge was the only thing about you that made me think that maybe you were sixteen after all. Certainly any twelve-year-old sporting a boy-bulge like yours David, would be the envy of his classmates when they saw him in the school showers. But the size of your boy-bulge wasn’t the whole story was it David? But we’ll come to that in a minute.

Before long it was time to move on. The tea things cleared away, mum took charge once more. You were called closer again and I wondered what would happen next. You appeared to know, David as I saw you rubbing your bare thighs together in anticipation. Again you bit hard on your lower lip and once more you looked as though you’d burst out crying, just like a junior schoolboy who’s been caught misbehaving. Sixteen? No, definitely not!

Without more ado mum reached down, took hold of your left leg and pulled it up leaving you to balance precariously on one leg. I could see that it was with great difficulty you kept your balance as you had to keep your hands on your head. With her other hand mum pulled one leg of your short trousers over your left sandal. Now she put that leg down and picked up your right leg. In no time all mum had your short school trousers off and folded neatly. It was clear you wouldn’t be needing them any more!

Next it was your long grey socks. From the way mum drew them down I could see she was very used to getting you undressed. She lifted up your left leg again… this time to unbuckle your sandal. She took the sandal off and put it on the floor by her side and then pulled the sock off your foot. Then she did the same with your right foot.

My, what a sight you presented David! Your short trousers were off and so were your socks and sandals. Your grey school shirt was still tucked up into the collar which meant you were displaying your white school vest and underpants for all to see. I mustn’t forget to remind you that you were still also wearing your cap and school tie, but something told me it wouldn’t be long before mum decided to remove those along with your school shirt!

I was right, of course and before long you were stood in front of your mum and me dressed in nothing more than your white school regulation underwear. As you had your hands still clamped on your head I could see that even at sixteen there was no sign of body hair under your armpits, but as your face and your legs were so smooth, I rather expected that would be the case.

Now I’m sure you won’t believe me when I tell you David, but as I looked at you standing there, looking so forlorn, I actually felt sorry for you. Watching a sixteen-year-old schoolboy, like yourself, reduced almost to tears as he is undressed by his mum is a heartbreaking sight David, because it means the boy must have been very naughty indeed to deserve such treatment.

I could see that your breathing was becoming deeper the more nervous you became… and at this point you were very nervous, weren’t you David. Your mum’s fingers were already teasing the elastic waistband of your white school uniform underpants as she prepared to lower them.

I could see that it was taking an enormous effort of will for you to stay standing with your hands on your head as you watched your mum’s fingers slide around the waistband of your underpants. As I watched she gently pulled your school vest out and made you turn round so she could pull your vest out at the back. She ordered you to turn back and I could see the expression on your face had turned to one of unalloyed dread. Mum slipped her fingers into both sides of the leg-elastic, pulling it upwards as she did so. Her thumbs then curled round to loop into the waistband. The sides of your school underpants were now scrunched up and ready for mum to pull them down.

You remember what happened next don’t you David? Of course you do… how could you possibly forget?

I couldn’t believe that I heard, a sixteen-year-old schoolboy pleading “… mummy don’t…” Then as you felt mum’s grip tighten, “… please mummy don’t… please don’t pull down my underpants mummy…” I even think that in your panic you forgot that I was there watching everything that happened, because I can’t imagine any grown boy pleading so shamelessly with his mother not to pull down his underpants.

I held by breath as mum started to gently ease your underpants down David, and I’m sure I could hear your heart thumping. Your skin is so smooth that mum had no trouble sliding the waistband down over your bottom. From the side I could see the deep curves of soft flesh which had been uncovered now that your bottom was completely bare.

At the front the waistband had been dragged downwards too, but your precious boy-bulge was still covered. But not for much longer David, as mum brought her fingers forward and pushed them down into the elastic waistband either side of the bulge. The atmosphere was electric and I could almost smell your fear as mum teased the waistband down ever so slowly until…

… until the base of your penis came into view. I could tell it was the base of your penis David as I could clearly see its slender width being slowly uncovered. But whereas I’d expected to see a well-developed bush of boy-hair, you David had very little indeed. I almost fell from my chair as I strained forward to see if there were any hairs at all at the base of your penis!

As your mum continued to pull your little underpants inexorably downwards, it became clear there was nothing more than a few straggly hairs either side of the base of your penis… and nowhere else. A few straggly pubic hairs, David… why, you could almost count them!

I could see the waistband of your underpants was pressed against your penis as I waited for the inevitable uncovering of your boyhood. Slowly more of it was revealed and I was impressed by its length when it eventually sprang out into full view, released from the pressure of the elastic waistband of your junior schoolboy underpants. It was obvious you were mortified when your penis bobbed up and down in front of your mum and I until it came to rest and hung completely exposed between your legs. As I examined your penis David, mum continued to draw your schoolboy underpants down your long smooth legs, past your knees, all the way down to your ankles.

Now it was time for your school vest. With your white school uniform underpants left crumpled around your ankles, mum took hold of the bottom of your white school vest. She pulled it up, right up until it was rumpled up around your neck.

David, with vest up and underpants down, you were for all intents and purposes, bare-nude from top to toe!

Mum decided it was time for another little break to give you some more time to reflect (literally as it turned out!) on your recent behaviour. To my amusement you were instructed to go and stand three feet in front of a free-standing full-length mirror which mum had placed in readiness across the other side of the room. ‘Mirror-time’ your mum called it; time for you to see exactly what you looked like now that you had been undressed down to your junior schoolboy underwear.

Of course to get to the mirror wasn’t as straightforward as it sounded. You were forced to shuffle across the room, hobbled by your underpants around your ankles, and still with your hands on your head. What a sight David! I had great difficulty trying to stifle my giggling as I saw your penis wobble as you shuffled across the room. Your not-so-private parts jiggled between your legs, swinging and slapping as they bounced about in full view of your mum and I. Were you red-faced? Of course you were… bright-red... fire-engine red! What boy wouldn’t be having to shuffle, pretty well bare-nude across a room in front of two grown-up women?

You made it to the mirror though and with your underpants down and vest up, took up your place. Thoughtfully mum had placed a chalk mark on the carpet so you knew exactly where to stand. Now, with your head held up, you had time to take a good long look at yourself in the mirror; time in which to think about improving your behaviour; time to think about why your mum needed to take you to task in such a manner. I hope for your sake David, that your time was well spent.

I was pleased you had to do some mirror-time David, because it gave me a chance to study you both front and back. It also gave me a wonderful opportunity to inspect your genitals more closely. As I said before, the most noticeable thing about them was the almost complete absence of pubic hair. Really David I don’t think I’ve ever seen a boy of your age with so little pubic hair. Perhaps it was because there were only a few wispy curls that your little hairs looked so untidy, but for whatever reason I think it’s high time you had them properly trimmed. To my mind there is nothing quite so smart as a boy who has just had his pubic hair freshly clipped nice and short. I will speak to your mother about this David.

Although I could see your penis was pleasantly long, it was, I thought, still fairly slim for a sixteen-year-old boy and perhaps this is connected to your lack of any proper pubic hair. Your foreskin I noted, was a little longer than I would expect to see on a boy your age, but once again as your penis thickens your foreskin might well begin to shorten in relation to your penis length. Otherwise a healthy fold of rosy-red skin at the tip of your penis leads me to conclude that you should have no trouble in fully retracting your foreskin when it’s needed.

Your testicles are well developed for your age David and I could see they hung nice and freely in your loose scrotal sac. I need hardly remind you that your scrotum is perfectly hairless. As you stood looking at yourself in the mirror David, it was difficult not to notice your genitals sway each time you shifted your weight slightly.

Then I gazed at your smooth bottom and allowed my eyes to travel down your long bare legs, to look once more at the red smack-marks and the little heap of white cotton, your underpants, at your feet. I gazed upwards also, to look at your back, shoulder blades and the scrunched up vest around your neck and shoulders. As I was doing so I heard a noise… it was the door-bell wasn’t it David?

‘Now who could that be…?’ Your mum said.

You twisted your head in the direction of the door. The look on your face was indescribable David… a mixture of horror, shame and vulnerability. Horror of who it might be; shame that whoever it was should see you standing facing the mirror with your hands on your head like a naughty schoolboy; and vulnerability because you were, for all intents and purposes, bare-nude with your school vest up and underpants down.

Well David, once more it’s time for me to pause and leave you to consider your recent behaviour and to think about its improvement, otherwise you know you’ll only find yourself back in front of the mirror again, vest up and underpants down, waiting…

As always,
With affection,

Monday, 11 July 2011

The First Letter to David

Stephanie looked at the letter she’d just finished writing. It was addressed to a sixteen-year-old schoolboy by the name of David who was the son of Stephanie's dear friend Margot Widnes. The letter was a record of the events which took place the previous day at David’s house when the sixteen-year-old had been taken to task by his mother for failing to take his schoolwork seriously.

Stephanie was sure David would rather forget about what had happened, which was quite true, but Stephanie had other ideas. She decided to put into writing exactly what occurred, so that the boy had a permanent reminder of what to expect in future if his behaviour didn’t improve.

The letter is self-explanatory, but it will help the reader if it is put into context:

David had been told by his mother to report to the living-room at sharp for a 'talk'. Unfortunately for David this was precisely the time at which Stephanie had decided to call on her friend Margot. Stephanie had just sat down with Margot to catch up on each other's news, when in walked David.

As David entered the room Stephanie was astonished to see the sixteen-year-old was dressed in full school uniform which included a blazer and school cap. Stephanie was even more surprised when she saw David was wearing a pair of short grey school trousers that bared the boy’s thighs right to the top of his long smooth legs.

It became apparent to Stephanie, as she watched David being given a stern dressing-down, what was about to happen, so she volunteered to leave and allow Mrs Widnes to deal with her son in private. But Margot Widnes said she wasn’t in the least bothered about Stephanie staying to watch ‘how we deal with naughty boys in this house’ and insisted her friend remained.

Stephanie looked at David standing in front of her dressed in his school uniform. She could tell by the way the sixteen-year-old avoided eye-contact and shifted his weight from one foot to the other that he was very uncomfortable indeed about Stephanie being there. But the boy knew it would do him no good to complain.

Stephanie saw what was going through the boy’s mind and therefore decided that it was her duty to remain, however onerous that duty might prove to be…

My dear David (the letter began),

I am writing to you because I want you to understand what it was like to watch you yesterday afternoon as you were reprimanded by your mum.

In doing so I want you to appreciate that I have the full agreement of your mum who feels that your future behaviour may benefit from having a complete record of what I witnessed yesterday. I need hardly add that I shall expect you to keep and look after this letter as you may well be asked to produce it at some future date.

No-one who saw you being dealt with could say that it was in any way unwarranted. You had been told before on many occasions that your behaviour was becoming unacceptable.

I can only hope that you’ve learnt your lesson and that is why I’m taking the trouble to write this letter. It is intended to be a record of all that happened; to remind you of what will happen if you are naughty in future.

From the moment you walked into the living-room yesterday David, I found it hard to believe I was looking at a sixteen-year-old boy. From what your mum told me, you’ve been acting more like a twelve-year-old. Perhaps that’s why you reminded me of a twelve-year-old yesterday, David. Do you really want everyone to think you’re only twelve-years-old?

I’m sure I could have been forgiven for thinking you were indeed younger than your sixteen years when I saw you yesterday afternoon, as I had no idea older boys were dressed in short trousers for school these days. Yet there in front of me was a boy of sixteen dressed in short grey school trousers, long grey school socks, tan T-bar sandals, grey Trutex school shirt and brightly coloured red & gold school tie. To complete your school uniform you were also wearing your school blazer and cap, both red with gold piping. And very smart you looked too!

The short school trousers were very short and I noticed how your smooth thighs were bare almost right to the top. I could see these very brief short trousers caused you an immense amount of embarrassment by the way you kept glancing at me as I looked at your bare legs. You have lovely legs David and I shall speak to your mum and see if we can't keep you in short trousers for school for a little while longer. It would be such a shame to hide your beautiful smooth legs away in long trousers.

Your mum did tell me that you’ve pleaded with her on several occasions to be allowed to wear ‘longs’ out of school, but she said that while you behave like a fractious little boy, then you will be treated just like a little boy. And little boys as you know wear short trousers, don’t they David?

You were already red-faced when you were called to stand in the middle of the living room front of us, David. I little realised that you must have known what was going to happen. Your mum told you to put your hands at the back your head and that’s when I saw you rub your bare thighs together in anticipation of what was coming.

You squirmed with embarrassment when you found out that I was going to stay and watch. I looked up at you, but you avoided my eyes as you coyly looked at the carpet at your feet. You must have known at that point you would be getting a much closer look at that carpet later! Try as you might, you couldn’t stop blushing in front of us because you knew what was going to happen next.

First you were told to remove your school blazer, but to keep on your school cap even though normally boys aren’t allowed to wear their caps indoors. Then you had to return to the middle of the room facing us and put your hands back behind your head.

I smiled as I saw your mum put a hand around the back of your bare legs and pull you towards her. Did I notice you try and stay where you were, David? Maybe, but not for long, as mum is clearly very used to dealing with silly behaviour like that, isn’t she? Yes she is, because you felt a sharp smack on your thigh, didn’t you David? A very sharp smack which was so loud and unexpected it made me jump. It made you jump too, didn’t it David? I bet it really stung because I could see where your mum’s hand had left a bright red mark on your leg. You certainly moved quick enough after that smack to where your mum wanted you to stand!

And why do you think your mum wanted you to stand closer to her? Was that why you tried to stand your ground? You knew, didn’t you David, that mum was going to take down your short trousers and you didn’t want me to see you standing there like a little boy with his trousers down. In that case you had your thigh-smack for nothing, because I watched as your mum’s hands came up to the waist of your short trousers.

I wonder what it was like when you felt mum’s hands pressing against your tummy as she undid the clip at the waistband of your short trousers? I think you were very silly to wriggle as you must have known what would happen. Three more smacks on your legs made you yelp and look even more like a twelve-year-old than ever. You bit your bottom lip as though to stop yourself from crying, but I was pleased to see you kept your hands on your head where they were supposed to be.

I had to remind myself that I was looking at a sixteen-year-old, but it was very difficult David. You looked so contrite as you stood with red smack marks on your bare legs, biting your lower lip as you struggled not to cry in front of me and your mum. You looked nothing like the sixteen-year-old boy I had been assured you were. At that moment, as you stood obediently in front of your mum, waiting for her to take down your little short trousers, if I’d been told you were sixteen-years-old, I’d have said: “but he can’t be… surely not. Sixteen?! I don’t believe you… Sixteen?! Never! Why, he looks just like a twelve-year-old…”

Yes that’s exactly what you looked like, David… a naughty twelve-year-old schoolboy. A naughty twelve-year-old schoolboy who’s about to have his short trousers taken down by his mum. I wonder how you felt. You must have been very embarrassed having me watching you because I could see your eyes as they glanced my way, to see if I was looking. Oh I was looking alright, David, watching everything that was happening; looking at those lovely red smack marks on your legs and wondering if they were still stinging; waiting to see what would happen to your school uniform; thinking about how many items of your school uniform would be removed. You see at that point I didn’t know what your punishment would be, David. But I could see that you knew what was to happen.

I imagine that must have made things a whole lot worse for you, knowing what your mum was going to do… only this time it would be done in front me. Did that set off the butterflies in your tummy, David? You certainly shivered with embarrassment and bit harder on your bottom lip as you felt your mum’s fingers pulling at the zip-fly on your short trousers. I smiled as I heard the soft buzz of the zip as it was pulled downwards. Could you feel the pressure of your mum’s fingers on the front of your short trousers as they gently tugged at the little zip? I bet it felt as if you’d reached the point of no return. You knew then that I’d see you having your trousers pulled down, pulled right down, a boy’s worse nightmare. Yes, David you knew that I was going to see you with your trousers down around your ankles.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves shall we David?

You know what happened next, don’t you David? Yes, another leg-smack! How silly you were David. Fancy pulling away from mum as she was about to open the front of your short school trousers. You know she has to loosen the front of your trousers before she can pull them down. It was your own silly fault your mum had to smack your legs again. Only this time the smacks were much sharper, real stingers. I could see that by the way you jumped and yelped. A sixteen-year-old boy? A silly little twelve-year-old, more like. Smack! Smack! Smack! Your mum certainly knows how to smack bare legs, doesn’t she David?

I could see that your eyes were damp as you stood still, waiting to have your trousers taken down. With both legs red from your mum’s smacks, what a sight you presented! Your nose began to dribble, but wisely you kept your hands on your head. Again I had to remind myself that you were sixteen-years-old and not twelve as you looked, standing there in your mum’s living-room.

Finally mum pulled open your short trousers so that I could see the white polyester lining. And that’s not all I could see, was it David? No, because when mum pulled open your school trousers she undid the bottom two buttons of your grey school shirt and pulled your shirt-tails apart so that I could clearly see your underpants. They weren’t just any old pair of underpants either, they were white cotton, school uniform underpants, weren’t they David. That any boy of sixteen should still be wearing school uniform underpants was unbelievable! Surely no self-respecting sixteen-year-old boy would dare to be seen in white schoolboy underpants! Yet there you were David, standing in the middle of the room, plainly wearing underpants that no boy over fourteen would be seen dead in!

What were your thoughts as you felt your mum’s fingers slide up the outside of your legs, David? I almost felt sorry for you as I looked at the expression on your face. A trickle of snot had dribbled down onto your upper lip and I could see you so wanted to twist your head and wipe it off onto your shirt-sleeve, but wisely you didn’t. You looked so desperately uncomfortable and I could see the glistening, viscous mucus was tickling you so much that I decided to wipe your nose for you.

Your mum paused with her fingers tucked inside each leg of your short trousers. Her thumbs gripped the outside of the legs. She was ready to pull your school trousers down. I got up and stood at your side. You looked at me David as I placed my left hand on the nape of your neck. It was like I was about to wipe the runny nose of a junior schoolboy and again I had to ask myself if I was really holding the head of a sixteen-year-old boy? Your face was so smooth, David. As my fingers brushed your chin and your upper lip, I felt your soft skin and wondered how long it would be before you needed to shave. A year? Eighteen months? Longer? Whichever way it would be a long time before this teenaged boy could claim to be anywhere near grown-up.

I wiped your upper-lip and then placed the tissue over your nose. I gently squeezed your nostrils and spoke: “… let’s have a big blow David and we’ll have a nice clean boy… good and another one to make sure… that’s a good boy…”

I wiped your nose again before I sat down again. Luckily for you David you remembered to thank me, or I’m sure your mum would’ve had something to say.

Then it happened, the moment every schoolboy dreads. Your mum’s fingers still gripped the legs of your short trousers, then, with a gentle but firm tug, mum pulled your short trousers down over your bottom. She held onto them as the unzipped front opened out wider to give me an excellent view of your school underpants. Now I could see the boy bulge that pushed forward and it was plain to see that your underpants were designed for younger boys than you David. On you, schoolboy underpants looked to be embarrassingly small. Maybe that’s how they are supposed to look. But you didn’t look at all pleased to have them on show so that I could see them.

Your mum paused leaving your short trousers hanging precariously at the top of your legs. As I said, your tight little schoolboy underpants were now on display and I wondered what mum was going to do next.

Mum pulled you closer still. This time you behaved yourself and escaped anymore leg-slaps. Now you were close enough for her to reach up and finish unbuttoning your grey Trutex school shirt

One by one your mum unbuttoned your school shirt from the bottom up and that’s when I had my next surprise… you were wearing a vest! A white cotton school vest tucked neatly into your underpants. I could hardly believe you could look anymore like a junior schoolboy than you were already, but now… now that I could see you were wearing a school vest…

I was distracted from my thoughts as your mum told you to turn around. Your grey shirt was hanging open giving me a tempting glimpse of your white school vest. Your red and gold school tie was properly knotted so that your shirt collar was nice and tight, the collar button still done up. You shuffled, careful not to let your short trousers slip any further down, until you faced away from us. Without more ado mum took your shirt-tail, pulled it up your back and tucked it into the back of your collar. Next you were told to turn back round.

I knew you were in serious trouble David, but you looked so funny standing there in front of us with your hands still firmly pressed against the back of your head. Really, David I had to stop myself from laughing out loud because now, with your grey school shirt pulled right open, I could see your white school vest and underpants were just like a twelve-year-old boy would have to wear to school. Like I said, you were still wearing your school tie and it hung down looking quite silly resting on top of your vest. Looking down I could see that your short trousers were only just clinging to your bottom. Of course, below your smooth thighs, below your bare knees were your long grey school socks with red and gold rings, your school colours, around the turnovers. And on your feet, those juvenile-looking T-bar school sandals.

What happened next David? Well we all know don’t we? Yes, it was time to take down your trousers. Once more I could see you bite your lips in apprehension as you watched your mum take hold of the hem of your short trousers. With one gentle tug to each leg we watched as the trousers tumbled down your legs to land in a crumpled heap around your ankles.

I was quite surprised when at that point your mum stopped to ask me if I would like a cup of tea. I’m sure you remember how she explained that she always liked to have a break and stop for a cup of tea when she was getting you undressed and ready for one of her little ‘talks’ with you.

And perhaps it is the right time for me to pause and bring this letter to a close, David. Do remember though, this only describes the first part of what I saw happen to you yesterday.

I shall continue in another letter and remind you of how I saw your underpants being taken down by your mum and how I got to see… well, you know what I saw David…. and very embarrassed about it you were too!

Yours affectionately,